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Welcome one and all! We've made a small change here to GuildLaunch due to popular request - and hopefully this will suit our non-in-play LotRO needs really well! So feel free to leave comments and suggestions in the "Kin Web Site" portion of the forums. Overall, this should be a good move, giving us a lot of nice new features and game integration. Also, welcome to any potentials - I hope we can help you in your quests for fun! So once again, welcome one and all ... and let's hunt some orc!

About Knights of the Ring-Bearer

One sunny day in the Shire, a hobbit named Mezinard checked on a letter, and finding that he'd do better to travel the distance himself - quickly got himself wrapped up in bigger events in the big folk town of Archet. After that, he returned to the Shire, but was never quite the same again. His adventures took him far and wide, meeting many people and joining a pretty good kin. However, after a long time with his ideas falling on deaf ears or deemed not right for that kin, he decided to start a new one. Remembering a conversation with a hobbit named Frodo Baggins during a sorjourn in Rivendell, Mezinard formed the Knights of the Ring-Bearer.

Foundation Principles - Code of Conduct

The Knights of the Ring-Bearer is a proud kinship formed on the structure of Honor, Honesty, Friendliness, and Fun. As knights of old, so too do the Knights of the Ring-Bearer follow a code. At all times, honesty is expected. If you can’t make it to something, just say so. We all know that real life can intrude into plans without care – honesty about that will ensure continued trust within the Kin. Be friendly with others. If you have an issue with someone, try and resolve it with them directly in a mature manner. If you feel that won’t work, you are welcome to bring an officer into it if you feel you need the mediation – but please do not simply start flaming in open conversation. Fights happen, people disagree, and not everyone gets along with everyone else. But by taking the mature approach to it, everyone will have a fun and rewarding time. Third, this is YOUR Kin! Mezinard may have had the initial idea and overlying premise – but the Kin is nothing without the people, each one making it something special. Be proud of your Kin! And last, but not least, have fun! Lord of the Rings Online is a game. The Kin is here to add to the game, and you will never be asked to give more than you are able or willing. So please, have fun!

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